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The SQUIRE Guidelines help authors write excellent, usable articles about quality improvement in healthcare so that findings may be easily discovered and widely disseminated. The SQUIRE website supports high quality writing about improvement through listing available resources and discussions about the writing process

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A listing of journals (with links) that have published articles about the development of SQUIRE, refer to the SQUIRE guidelines for authors, or have formally adopted them as editorial policy.

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SQUIRE 2.0 - September 15, 2015

30 Aug, 2015

SQUIRE 2.0 to be released September 15, 2015!

The new and revised SQUIRE guidelines (SQUIRE 2.0) will be released on September 15. BMJ Quality and Safety will publish the 2.0 paper and our website will also be redesigned with the new guidelines and a whole new look! We’ll add in the Explanation and Elaboration (E&E) document when it is available as well as videos, voice over ppt, and links to our SQUIRE YouTube channel and our Twitter account.

The 2.0 guidelines have been developed over the past 3 years with generous support from the Health Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. They are more streamline with specific guidance on using theory in your QI work, writing about the context, and describing the study of the intervention. A glossary of terms will accompany them too.

Check back on September 15 to start using the new SQUIRE 2.0 guidelines!


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