Feedback from prior SQUIRE writing conferences

Things people loved about the conference:

“…the pace permitted conversation…"
“…opportunity for writing, review and feedback…"
“Interacting with people was great, It allowed me to make great connections…"
“…great collaboration and environment…"
“…lots of discussion time, lots of interaction, time to meet new people, time actually work on things…”
“… Diversity and breadth of attendees…"
“The interactive sessions were great.  I also really enjoyed the variety of experiences that were brought by the attendees."
“The content was applicable to all disciplines/professions (clinical and non clinical)…"
“very practical"
“great that it was interactive and hands on"
“The writing [sessions] with immediate feedback was very helpful…"
“The size of the group - large enough for diversity and networking, and small enough for manageable group exchange"
“Quality of the speakers was unbelievably outstanding."
“Actually writing and providing feedback"
“The break out sessions [on context, rationale and study of the intervention]…"
“The format of the conference was laid out well.  There were a great variety of topics - not just SQUIRE but how to write.  This helped reignite a fire for writing.  I loved the level of sharing."